Pictured here with dam Krystal

Sire: Australia 

Dam: Krystal

Filly born 1st December 2018

Bay with 4 fabulous white socks

A mini replica of her superstar mum...


Sire: Hermitage 

Dam: Dizzy

Born October 2018

Bay gelding


Sire: Hermitage 

Dam: Squeeze

Born October 2018

Bay gelding


Sire: Australia 

Dam: Jamaica

Filly born November 2018

Black filly

This little filly has loads of attitude... 

Sire: Hermitage

Dam: Goddess 

Filly born 15th May 2017

Bay with white spot

*The sole surviving twin born prematurely.

Amazing Grace
Pictured here with dam Goddess 

A gorgeous little filly out of Goddess an Ellerston bred mare by the famous Monty out of the celebrated mare Angel.

Goddess played 10 years of high goal polo , including multiple test matches then with that great Hermitage sire line coming through.

Grace has a lovely temperament with a huge amount of spunk.

Sire: Hermitage

Dam: Fantasy 

Filly born 16th December 2017

Chestnut with white blaze and white socks

Pictured here with dam Fantasy

Sire: Riverkid

Dam: Rocco

Colt born 26th December 2017

Brown colt with no markings

General Grant
Pictured here with dam Rocco
(Grandson to our Foundation dam Lily) 

The general is the last colt by our amazing Riverkid and doesn’t he know it.

This colt has a presence about him and has 3 amazing sisters that are becoming serious polo ponies.

This colt is full brother to Coco who recently played in the World Polo Cup and was played by Tom Hunt and Rob Ballard in the 2017 polo seasons.

We are very happy to have the General finish of this line as the little brother to his 3 sisters - Coco, Eve and Vogue.  He is colt in the making!

Pictured here with dam Marrakesh

Sire: Hermitage

Dam: Marakesh

Filly born 11th December 2017

Bay with no markings

Sire: Riverkid

Dam: Sirocco

Filly born 11th January 2018

Bay filly with white face and  2 white socks

River Girl
Pictured here with dam Sirocco

This filly is our last foal from our stallion Riverkid whom sadly passed away in 2017.

Pictured here with sire Hermitage

Sire: Hermitage

Dam: Squeeze 

Filly born 27th July 2017

Bay with 4 fabulous white socks

What a little super model! A great combination of Hermitage strength going back to the famous Ellerston bloodlines of Pinky this filly is stunning with an amazing action.

Her mother Squeeze was a super little polo pony playing from 3 years of age till 16. Squeeze is by Patto out of Sequel - who was a champion pony of yesteryear. 

Squeeze won numerous champion pony awards including A grade pony at Wirragulla. Her half sister Josie is broken in and will play this season and is showing signs of a high class mare.

Sire: Hermitage

Dam: Sarena 

Filly born 14th April 2017

Bay with no markings

Good Friday
Pictured here with dam Sarena

What a combination of bloodlines!

This gorgeous filly has her mothers good looks and fathers strength. Her mother Serena is a thoroughbred mare by Squill. 

Squill was a flying machine winning a polo pony race by a margin. She also won champion polo pony at Garangula under Damien Johnson and at the RAS under Kelvin Johnson.

This little filly has lots of half brothers/sisters playing and winning pony prizes galore. 

Her half sister Finale has just been broken in and stick and balled and is showing amazing raw talent.


Sire: Hermitage

Dam: Mirage

Colt born 12th March 2018

Chestnut colt with white star and snip

Happy Gilmore 
Pictured here with dam Mirage