About Murphy BP

The Murphy Family has been polo players, breeders and horse enthusiasts for over 30 years. Our passion for creating the highest quality performance horses is unmatched.  

"Archerfield Farm" on the banks of the famous Hawkesbury River in Richmond, NSW is the breeding operation.

"Sugar Beach Ranch"  is on the sands of the Pacific Ocean and is used for training and breaking in horses.

The Story


After Playing Polocrosse for a few years in the US and Australia, then releasing the first book on Polocrosse (in the world), a new friend Andy Campbell suggested I try a spot of Polo. Although I was completely in love with playing Polocrosse I became addicted to the fast flowing multiple horse teams of 4 and 12 per players pending on the grades you can achieve to play via the handicap system. 


A few years later after buying Bethungra Park, Illabo and plenty of nice thoroughbred playing mares from John Patterson, I had the opportunity to move my business to London. 


England opened all the doors to one interested in horse sports, especially polo. A good fella, Jimmy Hayden recommended this bloke Peter as my polo / horse manager. Peter and I worked successfully together for 2 seasons where in these seasons the Bethungra Park Polo Team lead by Peter was extremely successful. 


One of the many horses Peter selected for the both of us we was a little buckskin 8-year-old mare - Lily. Although I had the choice of bringing home to Australia the most beautiful athletic mares originally from NZ and Argentina, I selected Lily to travel the distance to Australia. There was a reason behind what would have been seen as madness to others - to leave so many what appeared superior mares behind. Although small, Lily, was fast, sharp, tough and very clever, not to mention she never had a day off and played until 22 years of age. 


The first reason,  I had my eye on a thoroughbred stallion in Victoria - Wondaby Highlight - that I wanted to match Lily with.  He was a tough, hardy thoroughbred stallion, the perfect fit it seemed for my bombastic buckskin mare.


After landing Lily in Victoria by plane from London, she was sent straight to the stallion after the quarantine period. The only problem is that Lily completely refused Highlight. Instead, she jumped over three fences to get to the other stallion on the property Sharka.


Jamaica, France, Morocco, Rocco and Coco now form the family tree heritage of our matriarch Lily.