Foxtrot                                                                    $5000
Sire: Cigar |  Dam: Squeeze
Foaled: August 2016

Foxtrot is a very elegant gelding that has thrown that real stock horse look.

His genetics are very strong on both sides with Cigar, a champion sire and his mother Squeeze was a super little polo pony playing from 3 years until the of age till 16.

Squeeze is by Patto out of Sequel - who was a champion pony of yesteryear. Squeeze won numerous champion pony awards including A grade pony at Wirragulla.

His sister Josephine Baker is currently playing low goal and is showing enormous potential.

Fresco                                                                   $6000
Sire: Australia |  Dam: Sensitivo
Foaled: 18th October 2016

Little Fresco is a spitting image of his father, if he is half as good as him then we have a star on our hands.

He is a naturally low running horse like is father with a beautiful nature.

His Dam is by a very good Argentine sire called Calca. 

A very well bred little gelding that is willing and a pleasure to handle.

Finale                                                                  $11,500
Sire: Cigar |  Dam: Sarena
Foaled: August 2016

A stunning filly with great bloodlines. He mother is an extremely fast black

Thoroughbred mare from the great Segenhoe Stud and Finale has definitely thrown

to the thoroughbred line. This filly will grow into a rocket, showing great strength

But still nice and compact. She has recently been broken in and was a dream to ride

And stick and ball, a little rocket!

Frankie                                                               SOLD
Sire: Cigar |  Dam: Minnie
Foaled: August 2016

Frankie is a very well put together sensible filly with a lot of Spunk.

She has just been broken in and stick and balled very well. Her mother was a super tough high goal mare.

Frankie will grow into a strong mare with a lot of scope.

Freya                                                                $7000
Sire: Riverkid |  Dam: Sirocco
Foaled: 8th October 2016

The prettiest mare in the pack.

Once again she has great bloodlines going back to the great Sinclair Hill Goldfinger & Highlight.

Her full sister February has just been started and stepped onto the field as if she had played polo all her life. 

Fez                                                                         $6000
Sire: Australia |  Dam: Morocco
Foaled: 29th September 2016

Fez has amazing breeding on both sides as she is the granddaughter of our amazing foundation Dam Lilly and by the legendary Riverkid who goes back to Sharka.

Her full brother Smash made his polo debut as a 3 year old and once again played like an old seasoned horse.

She has a beautiful temperament and is growing into a very strong filly.

France                                                                    $7000
Sire: Australia |  Dam: Gypsey
Foaled: 17th September 2016

France was the first of our 2016 foals and she is growing into a beautiful filly.

With a great combination of Thoroughbred and Stock Horse bloodlines on both sides she is really starting to look the part, she is a stunning dark Buckskin and has her fathers striking head. She is the boss of the paddock and already showing some signs of growing into a very tough mare.

Ferrari                                                                $7000
Sire: Riverkid |  Dam: Marakesh
Foaled: 15th October 2016

The name says it all!

Once again she has great bloodlines going back to the great Sinclair Hill Goldfinger & Highlight.

Her full sister Stealth has just been started and stepped onto the field as if she had played polo all her life. Ferrari has incredible speed and agility in the paddock and will grow into a stunning filly.

Funky Forte                                                               $49,000
Sire: Ellerston Hermitage |  Dam: Ellerston Cuddles
Foaled: August 2016

A stunning grey colt with the bloodlines to boot. Forte will mature to about 15’2hh.

He has the great Ellerston bloodlines of Hermitage as the sire which goes back to the 

Hall Of Fame Mare Pinky. His Dam Cuddles is one of the most famous horses bred by Ellerston.
She won Champion polo pony at Garangula before being exported to Argentina, via England. She incredibly played 2 chukkas in the Argentine Open final under Gonzolto Pieres. 

Forte is a very nice colt to handle and has a huge future ahead of him.