The Murphy Family

Two great breeds just became ONE.


Some people play polo because they love speed and skill along with the adrenaline shot of being connected to your trusted stead when riding into places where angels would fear to tread.

Then there are those whose passion for breeding one of the most majestic animals on earth goes beyond time or even common sense.

Where one person will visually paint a picture in their mind of the perfect polo horse, these crazy people will for decades, a life time in fact search for a mare, a stallion, year after year to create a foal with speed, agility, temperament and type.

Mr Joe Curran is one of those special people whose desire and passion took him to the highest heights of breeding magnificent polo athletes.

Not for profit or personal gain, he simply bred his elegant athletes with a burning passion just to see them play the game of polo.

I was in Argentina when the word was starting to spread that Joe was expanding his agricultural business with little time left to pursue his polo breeding program.

Within minutes of hearing the news I started calling Joe, initially without success.

Not only did Joe have the most extraordinary genetics he also held one of the jewels within Australia’s polo pony elite, JAMAICA, a little pocket rocket we Murphy’s bred some years back from a mare we purchased from Jimmy Hayden and sired by ZULU (Riverkid x Princess Beatrice).

Jamaica’s natural talents were being highlighted by Rob Ballard when she caught Joe's eye.

The rest is history.

It is with great pride and joy that Murphy’s BP Performance Horses have agreed to take over the reigns of Joe’s illustrious breeding program.

Joe has not retired from polo genetics, as one can never retire a passion, he has simply passed on the responsibility to brandedBP to maintain the high standards he has set for all us to follow.

Included in the 21 horses purchased from Joe Curran are Australian polo royalty including:

- Hermitage (Sire: Revenue | Dam: Pinky)                            

He is a 3/4 brother to one of the best polo pony's in the world - Claret

- Goddess (Sire: Monty | Dam:  Angel)                          

 Goddess played 10 years of high goal polo , including multiple test matches

- Cuddles (Sire: Wickerwork | Dam: Snuggles)                              

Is one of the most famous horses bred by Ellerston.

She won Champion polo pony at Garangula before being exported to Argentina, via England.

She incredibly played 2 chukkas in the Argentine Open final under Gonzolto Pieres

We are also very excited about the next generation, and have our eye on these future superstars:

- Joe Sephine Baker     Sire: Eastern | Dam: Squeeze 

- King Solomon (colt)    Sire: Solomon | Dam: Queen 

- Divine (filly)         Sire: Focus | Dam: Sunda 

- Havana (filly)      Sire: Cigar | Dam: Alyn 

- Funky Forte         Sire: Hermitage | Dam: Cuddles 


Mr Curran’s equine family will join our family in the paddocks of Archerfield Farm (Richmond) and Sugar Beach Station (South Ballina on the beach). Our combined genetics will be utilised to fulfil our dream of producing the perfect polo pony.

Without a single doubt myself and daughter Stevey, will regularly call on the expertise of Mr Curran.

The legend of Joe Curran lives on………



                                        CM Murphy

I am thrilled to pass the baton of my polo breeding program to CM Murphy.

Some 30 years ago I had a vision to breed highly performed polo mares and stallions to develop a breed of polo ponies

capable of playing all grades of polo.

Our "CC" horses have won all major tournaments in Eastern Australia including Ellerston, Garangula, Melbourne Cup,

RAS, Dudley Cup, Hector King, Test Matches as well as most A Grade Cups on the NSW country circuit.

I have lost count of the number of champion pony awards we have won over the years, in which our horses have excelled

in Australia, New Zealand, America, England, and Argentina. 

I have always admired Chris’s polo breeding and with relatively small numbers,

Chris has bred a score of champion polo ponies which include Lily, Krystal, Alyn and Jamaica, to name a few.

I look forward to my consulting role with Chris and the Murphy Family to help marry and further develop these two amazing breeds.                                                          Joe Curran

In addition to the horses purchased from Joe Curran, Murphy BP Performance Horses also purchased a new colt for our breeding program named GO DADDY GO,

by US Super Sire Uncle Mo.


GO DADDY GO won at the  Clarendon Stakes at Hawkesbury Racecourse on 29th April.