Sire: Riverkid |  Dam: Rocco
Brown Mare 
Foaled: 2010 

Coco is a 7 year old mare proudly representing our BP brand.


A granddaughter to our foundation dam Lily who played 5 successful English polo seasons under Peter Haydon and CM Murphy. 


Her sire is Riverkid who is bred on the Sinclair Hill line of Goldfinger.


Coco recently played in the 2017 World Polo Championships in Sydney. Following on from a busy 14 goal season under the 7 goaler Tom Hunt. And played 2 spectacular chukkas at the Magic Millions Polo under Nacho Figueras.

Coco is a super agile, handy little horse with a super light mouth. Very tough mare with a very strong competitive nature and a beautiful flat platform to hit the ball from.

Sire: Riverkid |  Dam: Rocco
Bay Mare 
Foaled: 31st December 2013

A young super star in the making!


Eve made her debut in the 4 goal in the 2017 spring and played like a seasoned horse. With the same amazing agility as her full sister Coco she was able to create plays well beyond her age of 4. 

Nacho Figueras played her at the 2018 Magic Millions Polo and commented on her future potential.

She has a super light mouth and has already developed into a very strong little horse with an amazing calm mind. 

This horse has a huge future ahead of her.

Gee Gee
Gee Gee                                                                    SOLD
Sire: Riverkid |  Dam: Desert Bouquet (Racey)
Foaled: September 2010

Gee Gee is a very fast mare that has played a few seasons on 0 and 4 goal and has done lots of farm chukkas, she will be playing the 4 goal this coming QLD season.

She has thrown to the Thoroughbred line more so than the stock horse side and would suit an intermediate or experienced rider to add into their string for a great top up. 

Alternatively Gee Gee would excel in a dressage or showing arena.

Charm                                                                    SOLD                     
Sire: Riverkid |  Dam: Eurella Trinkett
Bay Mare 
Foaled: 2010 

Charm is a stunning mare with her mothers power and grace. Eurella Trinkett was an award winning pony. Winning best playing pony under Jack ‘Ruki’ Baillieu at the Adelaide Cup.


Charm also recently played in the 2017 World Polo Championships in Sydney. And was the favourite horse of the Indian polo team.

Charm also played 2 chukkas at the 2018 Magic Millions Polo under Alec White, whom commented that she is pleasure to ride.


If you were to describe a horse that just keeps going no matter what it would be Charm. She would run through a brick wall if you asked her too. 

Charm is a very tough horse that loves to play fast and hard and really dominates the play when she’s out there.

Casanova                                                                SOLD
Sire: Cresse |  Dam: LeCarge
Bay Mare 
Foaled: 2010 

Casanova is a big strong, fast horse. 

He has played all high goal polo in Australia under Kelvin Johnson, a very handy horse with a lot of power.

Casanova would be good for someone wanting to top up their string with an experienced horse.  


Would suit a pro or experienced rider/player.