Surfing Cowboys Racing 

its not what you ride. Its how you ride it... 

The Surfing Cowboys Racing team have been horse enthusiasts for over 35 years. Our highly skilled and experience team and intense passion for each and every horse enables us to provide your horse with the personalised care, love & attention it deserves.


Our passion for creating the highest quality performance horses is unmatched, with over 70 horses across 2 unique properties we are seriously dedicated to training, developing and breeding high quality performance horses for various disciplines - namely Polo & Racing. 


    - ‘Sugar Beach Ranch' is on the sands of the Pacific Ocean, South Ballina and is used for training and breaking in horses by head horseman Marty Leacy. 

It offers hard or soft sand for exercise plus the therapeutic benefits of salt water swimming. There is no better place for a horse to learn to be a horse frolicking in the sun with space and freedom. 


    - ‘Archerfield Farm' is on the banks of the famous Hawkesbury River in Richmond, NSW and is the breeding operation with rehabilitation facilities.