DOB: 2010

Dam: Monkey

Sire: Riverkid


2016 - France (Gypsey), Fez (Morocco), Fresco (Sensitivo)

2015 - Sorrento (Sensitivo), Smash (Morocco), Spice (Cinnamon), Sugar (Layla)

2014 - Red (Ghost), Kiara (Katie)

Predicted by some to become Australia's great new polo sire due to his size, disposition, mind and amazing eye. 

His grandsires on both sides (Patto (Wondaby Sharka) and Wondaby Highlight) have sired some of the most outstanding horses in Australia's history.

Australia is like driving a Mustang! Lots of power, great handle, looks the part and with super lateral movement. This horse gets very low and just flows across the ground with amazing speed and grace. Australia lifts you to another goal in playing ability as his action is perfect for hitting and controlling the ball.


DOB: 2003

Dam:  Pinky

Sire: Revenue

Progeny (owned by Surfing Cowboys):

2016 - Forte (Cuddles)

2017 - Amazing Grace (Goddess), Good Friday (Sarena), Gulietta (Squeeze), Grenache (Marakesh) and Godiva (Fantasy)

brandedBP Riverkid

DOB: 2001 - 2017

Dam: Scotts Creek Georgio

Sire: Patto (Wondaby Sharka ASH#120655)


2016 - Freya (Sirocco), Ferrari (Marrakesh)

2015 - February (Sirocco), Stealth (Marakesh), Vogue (Rocco),

2014 - Shimmer (Mirage), Spring Willow (Fantasy), Soldier (Tully)

2013 - Eve (Rocco), Priestly (LaMona),

2010 - Coco (Rocco), Australia (Monkey), GoGo (Racey), Charm (Trinkett), Elvis (Tully)

2009 - Red Bull (Jamaica), Shep (Smurfette), Pepsi (Monkey), Unique (Racey)

2007 - Hudson (Racy), Bandida (Monkey), Rio Grande (Georgio)

2006 - Holliday (Jais), Clay (Caramel), Billy the Kid (Passion), Archer (Trinkett)

2005 - Bounty (LeCarg), Crunchie (Passion), Twix (Bossy Jo) 

2004 - Angel (Petra)